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There may be hope for Sister Wives‘ Janelle and Meri Brown after all

On last night’s (May 22) episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family took a much-needed break from all the catfishing drama and instead focused on Thanksgiving. Fresh off their first therapy appointment in last week’s episode, Meri and Janelle join forces to create the tablescapes for the 70+ Thanksgiving dinner attendees.

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Janelle is working really hard to figure out how to fit into Meri’s plans, and I admire her gracious attitude. After the past couple of weeks, all the history between the first and second wives of Kody makes me think there is no way I would be as nice as Janelle. Most people would have run away years ago. But Janelle is determined to forge a genuine friendship with her sister wife, Meri. Even though Janelle does not like crafting, she spray paints and hot glues and even tells the camera that she knew the old Meri would have criticized her work. But instead of holding that against Meri, Janelle is appreciative of Meri’s ability to restrain herself.

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I’ve always admired Janelle. While the other wives tend to get caught up in whatever drama Kody has going on, Janelle is level-headed. She takes a lot of flak for not being a dreamer, but without Janelle’s rational thinking, I cannot imagine where the Brown family would be. It should be no surprise that Janelle is willing to put in the work with Meri when so many other people would have given up. Janelle is not afraid of a challenge, and combined with her generous heart, a friendship with Meri is definitely possible, in spite of the bad blood between them.

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As the Brown family sits on their couch and discusses having the entire family home for Thanksgiving, Janelle takes the time to express how thankful she is that Meri is with them during this holiday season as well, particularly after the conversation the adults all had in Alaska. Even though Meri and Janelle still aren’t super close, Janelle realizes just how important it is to let Meri know she is loved.

Janelle may not always feel like she belongs, and because of this, she takes the time to remind the other members of the family how much they are wanted. If I had to have a sister wife, I would definitely want her to be like Janelle.

Do you think Janelle and Meri can continue to mend their relationship?

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