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Rory Feek’s post about Joey’s death really tugs at the heartstrings

Rory Feek has been on an emotional roller coaster over the last few months, and when his wife, Joey, died in March after her battle with cervical cancer, he was left heartbroken. Luckily, a decision Rory made in the past has managed to bring him some solace.

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Taking to his blog, This Life I Live, on Saturday, Rory penned an emotional post about how he captured their lives on film — and the dramatic effect it has had on him in the present day.

I filmed our lives for two-and-a-half years. I don’t know why, I just did,” Rory began the post. “Like writing this blog, something told me that I needed to capture that time of our lives on film. To have it forever. To be able to remember it and share it with others. I had no idea how important it would be.”

After Joey died and Rory returned home from Indiana, he thought he would be able to “remember the good times” and all the beautiful memories that he and his wife had made together over the last 13 years. But he couldn’t.

“All I could remember of her was the end,” he wrote. “The five months of dying. The Joey that had no hair and couldn’t get out of bed. The mother that could barely hold the baby she loved. And the life we held together by a song, in the brick house by the Gaithers’ pond.”

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His whole world had changed, and try as he might, Rory was unable to remember Joey when she was healthy.

“I could not remember her alive. All of the pictures on our mantle and music videos online seemed like something from a photo album. Ours, I guess. But long ago,” he confessed.

But all that changed when Rory recently uncovered a hard drive “that held 6 terabytes of our lives – hundreds of hours of footage,” and once he started to watch it, for him, Joey “came to life.”

“In full color on the big screen of my iMac, Joey became alive again… filled with love and joy and hope and passion for me and for the life God had given us,” Rory wrote. “And I remembered how incredibly beautiful she was. How kind and how special of a person she was. For days, I watched and I watched. And pretty soon… I could not remember the Joey that was on hospice in Indiana. The one that was frail and dying. ‘That’ Joey had been replaced by one that is alive and well…”

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Rory has made the decision to document much of his life and share his thoughts on life without Joey, something which has served as a healing process not only for himself but for his fans, too.

The post has over 900 comments on it already, and fans are grateful to Rory for sharing it.

“Rory, just wanted you to know that I read your story that you share with world. You are a blessing to me. As you are with others,” Tammy Davidson commented. “I’m not good with words I wasn’t blessed like others are. You and the girls are still in my prays. God bless!”

“As always I am thankful that you share some of these special moments with your family of fans. Somehow, it helps us all I think,” Noreen Maine wrote. “There is a lot to think about in these special moments — about life, about circumstances, about our own loved ones and those we love who are gone now. About Joey and what a special soul she was and still is. God Bless You Rory.”

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