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Want to know how Meri Brown fell in love with a woman? She’s gonna tell you

Sister Wives star Meri Brown went online in search of companionship. What she found instead was someone who took advantage of her.

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Last year, Brown opened up about finding herself in an online relationship with a woman who had pretended to be a man named Sam. Of course, Brown’s catfishing scandal is not new, and it left her family angry and her fans completely shocked. But she’s now ready to open up about her awful experience and reveal even more intimate details about the relationship and how she got duped.

In an exclusive clip from the hour-long special Catching the Catfisher, Brown reveals that the person she was speaking to “sounded like a guy with a Southern accent.” And they connected really easily. “We laughed a lot. It was easy to connect with him, just because there was so much in common. Looking back at it now, I know exactly why there was so much in common.”

Brown didn’t realize that she was being lured in and how it’s surprisingly easy to look past details that don’t add up.

Things escalated quickly. “He was very, very flirty with me. And I have guy friends and I am a little bit flirty too,” Brown says. There was a lot of emotion involved, too.

“He was like, ‘I really feel like I love you.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but you know I’m married. I mean, nothing’s happening.'”

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Brown reveals that she felt an “affection” toward this person in the beginning. Then she details how it all started to become fishy and there was some excuse as to why “Sam” couldn’t meet up with her, and instead she met his best friend, Lindsay.

“I was not comfortable around her,” Brown admits. “I just got the creeps from her. But I’m sitting here trying to be nice to her because this is a friend of his.”

And things took a sinister turn when Lindsay started threatening Brown, saying, “‘I will ruin your life. And I will ruin your family.'”

Are you surprised to learn how sinister things became between Brown and her catfish? Will you watch Catching the Catfisher? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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