The Real Housewives should watch the Sister Wives argue and take some notes

It may feel like summer, but it’s Thanksgiving on Sister Wivesand the Brown wives are struggling to make nice while they put together a family meal. In a preview for Sunday’s episode courtesy of Us Weekly, we see Meri and Janelle Brown get very passive-aggressive over their DIY decorations for Thanksgiving. It’s like the ladies from Real Housewives if they were on their best behavior. No table flipping, but there’s definitely still a lot of animosity in the air.

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Although Meri and Janelle Brown decided to plan their Thanksgiving decorations together, Janelle is thrown when she stops by and finds that Meri has gone ahead and created the entire look for the decorations without her. “I can feel myself disengaging from the project because I’m like OK, well, it’s done,” says Janelle. She tries to be on her best behavior with Meri nonetheless, telling her she’ll help and reminding her that she’s trying as hard as she can with her limited skill set.

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“Janelle really has been a self-proclaimed… not a decorator,” says Meri. “I think with her coming over and seeing all this stuff, it’s just overwhelming to her.” That’s a very nice way of saying “I did a much better job here,” don’t you think? Teresa Giudice would be proud.

Watch the preview below.

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