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What happened at Katy Perry’s Cannes performance? It looks like a mess

Katy Perry got in her charity work with a performance at amfAR’s 23rd Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday. She performed “I Kissed a Girl” to what appears to be lukewarm reception in Cannes. In the video below, one audience member isn’t even facing Perry as she dances to the floor on the stage behind him. That gentleman must have seen a lot of other celebs walking around in Cannes if he’s too bored to even turn around and pretend to be interested in a pop icon.

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In fairness, Perry doesn’t quite seem to be giving the performance her all. Her lip-syncing is off, and at one point, she seems to give up halfway through a phrase. Shouldn’t charity work mean she’s trying even harder than usual?
People on Twitter noticed the atypical lackluster performance, joking “Beyoncé could never,” “she sounds like a trainwreck,” “everyone looks so bored as she throws herself on the floor,” and “queen of autotune.”

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If her performance wasn’t exactly successful, Perry certainly at least knows how to make an entrance. After stunting on the red carpet in her curve-hugging Marchesa grown, she cracked that there was no way she was getting down the stairs without the help of two assistants.

She was joined at the gala by her boyfriend Orlando Bloom, but Entertainment Tonight reports that they didn’t walk the red carpet together. Perhaps Bloom was waving at her, and that’s what distracted her doing “I Kissed a Girl.” We’ll just never know.

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