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The hate over Kaley Cuoco’s new relationship is getting so old and boring

If you had any doubt as to whether Kaley Cuoco is actually dating Karl Cook, she’s just confirmed your suspicions with a single picture.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Cuoco posted a picture of herself and Cook locking lips, which she captioned with a cryptic message: “Finally.” Whether this pic is a celebration of her newly finalized divorce from Ryan Sweeting, or whether the “finally” alludes to the fact that this is her first super PDA-filled picture with Cook, we’re not sure. What we are sure of, though, is that everyone needs to take a serious step back and stop hating on Cuoco’s new relationship.

Cuoco takes a lot of heat for wearing her heart on her sleeve and falling in love so quickly, but her critics appear to have a serious issue with this, and the comments on the picture have been less than complimentary.

People have compared Cook to Game of Thrones character Brienne of Tarth (portrayed by actress Gwendoline Christie) and ripped his appearance with comments like one from lee.irl who wrote, “That guy looks very feminine,” and trangthetroll wrote, “Your epic awesome goddess….he is goober looking and to young.”

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Other comments on the post take aim at how quickly Cuoco moves on (according to her critics) from her relationships.

“Damn was the ink even dry on the divorce papers,” texasjiujitsu1979 wrote.

“Jesus woman you go through men like most of us go through panties I ain’t mad at ya though,” shanestarkey commented.

“This girl is nuts,” geoscar_fm commented. And another commenter was equally as flattering about Cuoco, writing, “This girl is a fucking lunatic.”

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Wow people, jealous much?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

kaley cuoco and ben higgins slideshow
Image: Charlie Steffens/WENN / Nicky Nelson/WENN

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