No one wants rumors of Kylie Jenner’s sex tape to disappear more than Kanye

There have been rumors swirling about a Kylie Jenner and Tyga sex tape, and no one is more disappointed to hear that the Kardashian family may have another sex tape scandal on their hands than Kanye West.

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As you probably know, Kim Kardashian has an infamous sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J, and according to a new report, the talks about Jenner’s sex tape being released are reminding West of his wife’s past.

Kanye might have let the past go for a while, but now that Tyga has threatened to release a sex tape he filmed with ex-girlfriend Kylie, old insecurities are starting to reappear. It’s very personal for Kanye,” a source told Hollywood Life. “His own wife has a sex tape that’s legendary, and Kanye hasn’t completely gotten over that.”

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West obviously doesn’t want people watching his wife do intimate acts with another man, but more than that, he probably just wants the whole sex tape debacle to disappear for good — it’s being drudged up again as people draw comparisons between Jenner and her big sister.

“He didn’t know Kim back then so it’s not that bad — but still, knowing that people are still to this day watching his wife have sex with another man, on tape, annoys him,” the source explains.

“He’s had enough of people trying to use and come up off his family,” the insider continued. “He doesn’t want Kylie to be exposed in that way.”

We’re really pleased to hear that West cares so much about his family. He wants to protect Kylie Jenner, and he’s reportedly willing to take drastic measures if Tyga betrays her.

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According to the publication’s source, West “told Tyga that if such a tape exists or sees the light of day, Tyga might as well move out of Hollywood because he will be blacklisted.”


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