Fans will be very pleased about what's in store for Duck Dynasty Season 10

May 20, 2016 at 5:27 p.m. ET
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Duck Dynasty's Season 10 premiere is right around the corner, and we got the inside scoop from Jep and Jessica Robertson about what's in store this year for the Robertson family.

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"We have two weddings we're working on," Jessica teased. "Missy's oldest son, Reed, and Brighton, and then Rebecca, Corey's oldest, and John Reed, they're engaged. I think before the end of the year, they'll both be married. And then who knows who'll be next!"

The two chatted with SheKnows during their recent trip to Los Angeles. Jessica was in town promoting her new line of jewelry called Calvary, which is available exclusively at Dillards.

While Jessica shared details about the family events coming up, Jep went straight to one of the big things the show is known for.

"We've definitely blown some stuff up, which has been a lot of fun," Jep said.

Jep continued that on the show, it's usually the Robertson men rather than producers who suggest blowing something up in the episode. In fact, the Robertsons have a lot of say about what makes it onto the show.

Jep candidly explained that if something funny happens in their normal day-to-day life while the cameras aren't rolling, they'll recreate moments for the show.

"You know when you have a good scene, everybody gets tickled and then the camera guys, I'll just see them in my peripheral just shaking like crazy. And we have to stop and do it again, and it's like, 'OK camera guys, don't laugh. We'll do it again.' So it takes like three takes for the camera guys not to shake."

Jep added, "We've had some really funny moments."

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"I think this season has kind of gotten back more to grass roots, funny, having a good time, you know what I'm saying? I think it's just good," he continued.

"We're kind of thinking this is our last 30 [episodes]," Jessica admitted. "It's just, you know, how many can you do?"

Don't get too disappointed, Duck Dynasty fans. After all, that means the show will be in its 13th season when it ends, which is a run no one can complain about.

"I could be surprised," Jessica admitted, but said these episodes are "about going out with a bang. Having a good time. Brothers reuniting. We'll have more Al in there, hopefully."

Jep also teased that there will be a few surprise guests showing up along with Al.

One of the topics Jep and Jessica said they'll be avoiding: the election. Don't expect them to weigh in on the candidates. Not only do these two try to stay out of the political spotlight — unlike some of their family members — but they also said with the timeline of the show being at least a few months behind real life, it didn't really make sense to incorporate those thoughts into the series.

"I try to stay out of that," Jep said of politics.

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But the fun, he's all about, and both Jep and Jessica seem to think this season could be one of the best and funniest in the show's history.

The new season of Duck Dynasty will air this summer.

Of course, there's tons of ways to connect with the Robertsons before then if you can wait for the new season.

Are you ready to see Duck Dynasty end or do you want the show renewed for more than 13 seasons?

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