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American Grit competitor shows how slow and steady wins the race

It might be time for the stars of American Grit to rethink their strategy, because based on tonight’s episode, the advantages of winning the Circus’ obstacle course might not be as extensive as everybody thinks. The downside of a quick run through the obstacle course is exemplified by Goldie Knocks. She may not have speed on her side, but Knocks has grit in spades — and that’s what the show’s all about!

Goldie Knocks
Image: FOX

From the beginning, everybody has underestimated Knocks. Her size probably plays a huge role in this, but as we’ve seen week after week, American Grit is about more than being physically powerful. What she lacks in stature, Knocks more than makes up for in sheer willpower, as she demonstrated once again tonight.

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Knocks’ continued involvement in the competition seemed particularly in peril during the beginning portion of the Circus, as her fellow competitors almost immediately left her in the dust. She predictably completed the Circus long after the others, but this ultimately may have been to her benefit. While Ivette Saucedo and Jim Vaglica were duking it out for the finish, Knocks was wisely conserving her energy.

American Grit Circus
Image: FOX

Typically, everybody tries to get through the obstacle course as fast as possible in hopes of scoring a brief reprieve on the platform. Tonight, however, the small advantage gained through a first place obstacle course finish was certainly not worth getting winded. Saucedo started her squat one minute after Knocks and Vaglica joined a minute later, but with all three squatting for well over an hour, those two minutes didn’t make much of a difference. Thus, when the other two were getting worn out, Knocks seemed to be doing just fine. She lasted longer than Saucedo and thus gets to stick around for at least one more week. I’m glad, because I always like to see the underdog triumph.

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I’m ashamed to say that, as in Week 1, I was initially doubtful as to whether Knocks could make it through the Circus without giving up and ringing the bell. But after tonight’s episode, I have learned my lesson. Knocks deserves a lot of credit for her accomplishments thus far and I have no doubt she’ll be in this competition for a long, long time.

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