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We felt just as confused & uncomfortable as Ellen DeGeneres during Kanye’s latest rant

Ellen DeGeneres gave Kanye West an opening on her show today, and he took it — big-time.

West ranted for a solid six and a half minutes during his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, leaving the veteran TV talk-show host dazed and confused — just like the rest of us.

DeGeneres at first had difficulty getting anything more than a few words at a time out of the mercurial West, until she asked him about his series of tweets claiming a huge debt and begging Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for cash. That’s when the floodgates opened.

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DeGeneres asked West for just one of his brilliant money-making ideas, and off he went. Some highlights:

“Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Name somebody living that you can name in the same breath as them,” he said.

“Don’t tell me about being likeable. We’ve got a hundred years here. We’re one race, the human race, one civilization. We’re a blip in the existence of the universe, and we’re constantly trying to pull each other down. Not doing things to help each other. That’s my point. It’s like I’m shaking talking about it. I know it’s daytime TV, but I feel that I can make a difference while I’m here. I feel that I can make things better through my skill set. I’m an artist, and I feel that I can make things better through my skill set. I’m an artist. Five years old, art school. Ph.D., Art Institute of Chicago.”

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“I called the head of Payless [ShoeSource],” he said. “I’m like, ‘I want to work with you. I want to take all this information that I’ve learned from sitting at all these fashion shows and knocking on all these doors and buying all these expensive clothes and I want to take away bullying.’

“There was a time Michael Jackson couldn’t get his video on MTV because he was considered to be ‘urban.’ The Michael Jackson,” West said. “So I literally have to be the Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break down the doors for everyone who will come after I’m gone, after I’m dead. After they call me Wacko Kanye. Isn’t that so funny, that people point fingers at the people who have influenced us the most?”

DeGeneres’ reaction? Well, it was difficult for her to have one, as she couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

At least West eventually had a sense of what happened. “I’m sorry, daytime television,” he said. “I’m sorry for the realness.”

We are too, LOL!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

kim and kanye slideshow
Image: Noel Velazquez/Getty Images

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