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Little People, Big World star wants to start a ‘war’ over anti-LGBT rights

Little People, Big World‘s Jeremy Roloff is drawing attention to himself after sharing an article from ultra-conservative website The Blaze that warns “they’re coming after the churches.”

“Give them an inch and they’ll take your soul,” the writer says of “leftists.” He describes Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD as “radical gay groups” who are bastions of anti-Christian sentiment.

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Roloff shared the article on Twitter, calling it an article about the beginning of “the war” on the church. Who knew a 26-year-old reality star could have so much (angry, hateful) emotion in him?

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Roloff shared the article on Twitter, where a few fans responded and urged him to reconsider his message. “I hope your children become gays, lesbians and bi, at least they will be better than you,” one wrote. Another encouraged him to shift the tone of his wording, while siding with his beliefs: “[It] is so important that as Christians we make a stand for what we believe. None of it is rooted in hate of any kind. Thank you.” Another remarkably peaceful Twitter commenter wrote, “[It’s] only the beginning of a war if you fight. I’m sure we can all get along if we stop judging each other.”

With Little People, Big World back for its 14th season with no sign of stopping, we have plenty of chances to get another look at Roloff’s conservative Christian views.

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