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I tried to dance like Beyoncé and it’s OK, you can laugh

Last night, the man behind Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies” taught me a fun and funky dance routine, and it was awesome.

Beyoncé is just one of choreographer and creative director Frank Gatson’s many celeb clients. He has also worked with megastar names like Usher, Michael Jackson, TLC, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Rowland.

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Now, Gatson has moved on to creating groups of his own, and recently formed a girl group. The auditions to selections were documented on BET’s reality show Chasing Destiny. And luckily for me, those ladies didn’t make me dance alone as Gatson taught me and a roomful of others a routine to the song “Love On Top.”

Though Beyoncé is known for her sexy and confident dance moves, Gatson himself said that he doesn’t understand when dance became all about girls looking (in his words) slutty. He harkened back to the days of TLC and En Vogue when dance was about having fun, which Gatson believes it always should be. And that’s how he choreographs. It’s about confidence in getting the moves perfect… which is what I kept telling myself every time I messed up. Oh yeah.

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And sure, my body is not nearly as bootlicious as Beyoncé’s and my moves will never make you feel crazy in love, but you’d better believe I felt sexy nonetheless.

There is something so empowering about dancing like no one is watching. So go ahead, laugh all you want. Trust me, I’m laughing too. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop my moves anytime soon.

(I’m the girl in the white top on Gatson’s left in the video, just in case you were wondering.)

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Check out our Facebook live post below to learn the dance for yourself as well as get some tips from Gatson about posing on the red carpet.

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