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Thompson Square’s new music video gives us baby envy

If there’s one thing new parents don’t hold back on, it’s showing their friends pictures and videos of their baby. Country singers-slash-married couple Thompson Square have taken a whole lot of footage of their son Rigney Cooper Thompson since he was born in February, and now they’re sharing what seems to be all of it in the music video for their single “You Make It Look So Good.”

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The video premiered exclusively on People, who also chatted with Keifer and Shawna Thompson about including Cooper in the family band. “We just sat down with some of our videos and iMovie and got it done,” they said. “This song and every other song seems to have new meaning with Cooper being here. It just makes sense.” I’ll pause here for you to take in all that sweetness.

If the video isn’t already a cuteness overload, wait and see how they talk about Cooper, who they welcomed after 17(!) years of marriage. “He’s such a healthy and happy baby and that’s such a blessing. We love being parents and can’t stand to be away from him,” said the couple. “We can’t imagine not having him.”

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Watch the video below. Spoiler alert: It’s in black and white for maximum ability to pull on your heartstrings.

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Image: canaansmith/Instagram

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