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Details about Farrah Abraham’s new sex tape scandal are, well, bizarre

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, is old news, but this recently uncovered court filing about a second sex tape is definitely something we haven’t heard before.

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Radar Online has reportedly obtained court documents filed by a man named Jonathan Lee Riches who accused Abraham of secretly filming a sex tape with him, then blackmailing him by threatening to release it. Um, what?

According to Riches, the incident took place in 2012, when Abraham met up with him at a Holiday Inn in Iowa. The pair allegedly had sex, and unbeknown to Riches, Abraham was underage and she filmed the entire encounter.

“I was actually filmed without my consent by her and now Abraham is selling this illegal tape to the Adult Entertainment Industry for millions of dollars,” Riches claims in the documents, Radar Online reports.

If you thought these allegations were bizarre, they only get weirder, because Riches also claims that Abraham has been blackmailing him with the tape, claiming, “Abraham tells me I have to pay her $1,000 a month in hush hush money not to expose our past relationship or she will call the police on me and press charges.”

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OK, but here’s the real kicker… in addition to these very, very strange claims, Riches also insists he is the “true father” of Abraham’s daughter, Sophia (not Derek Underwood) — there’s no way he can be Sophia’s father because she was born in 2009, and the timeline is completely off. And even worse, he says he only slept with her when she was a teenager because he was “acting on the advice of my mentor Josh Duggar.”

And now? Apparently, Riches is no longer scared and believes that Abraham is a “scam artist.” According to the publication, he asked for a temporary restraining order against Abraham on March 14.

“I seek a restraining order to forbid Abraham from selling, distributing or giving away this sex tape of us, total invasion of privacy,” read the documents.

Minds blown! And the judge’s mind must have been too, because the case was reportedly thrown out of court on March 21.

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If you had any doubt as to the validity of these claims, Abraham weighed in, telling the publication, “This makes no sense and is not true, clearly. Everyone knows who Sophia’s dad is. No one knows who this guy is.”

Wow. We know there have been some pretty strange claims over the years, but could this be the most bizarre claim you’ve read? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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