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Michael Strahan is kind of rubbing his new job in Kelly Ripa’s face

Poor Kelly Ripa just can’t get a break.

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After all the drama surrounding her Live! co-host Michael Strahan’s departure from the show, you’d think she would finally get a little bit of a break now that he’s officially moved on to his new position on Good Morning America. Think again.

At his MSX fashion presentation in New York on Wednesday, Strahan opened up about his first week on the new job.

Phenomenal. Amazing. Love it,” Strahan, said at the event. “Amazing people!”

We get it. He has a great new job. But it’s been less than a week. Does he need to be publicly raving about it already, after everything he’s put Ripa through? It feels a little bit like he’s rubbing it in.

As previously reported, Ripa, who had co-hosted Live! with Strahan for years, wasn’t given any sort of a heads-up when he announced that he was leaving the show — she found out when a press release was issued to the public about the change. Feeling understandably jilted, she took several days off from hosting Live! until she’d received apologies from the network and from Strahan.

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During his final day on Live!, Strahan hinted that he could make future appearances on the show, even though he’s now a regular anchor on Good Morning America.

“This is a moment that I didn’t anticipate being here, at least at this point. But it’s here,” he said. “And we’re going to enjoy it. I’m not dying. I’m still in the family. And I’m still available to come back if I’m ever called to co-host. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not gone. So, there we go.”

On Friday, Strahan’s new interview with DuJour magazine was released, where he opened up about what’s so appealing to him about live television.

I love spontaneity and uncertainty,” he said. “Not knowing what’s going to happen from second to second keeps you very present.”

Meanwhile, Ripa has returned to Live!, and there’s still no word on who will join her as Strahan’s replacement.

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