Bethenny Frankel is totally right for calling Sonja Morgan out for Tipsy Girl

We knew the fight was coming between Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan as soon as we heard the name of Morgan’s new prosecco brand, Tipsy Girl. It was too close to Frankel’s Skinnygirl line for there not to be a fight between the two ladies. What we didn’t plan for was for Luann de Lesseps to make the most offensive comment about the whole ordeal.

When she heard about the fight that Morgan and Frankel had, de Lesseps acted shocked that Frankel would have a negative reaction. Her solution for Frankel was that she “needs to get laid” in order to calm down and take it easy.

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Just what we, as women, need. Other women associating our ability to make smart business decisions with whether or not we’re getting laid enough. Please imagine the biggest eye roll of all time, because that’s what I’m doing right now.

Frankel has every right to be upset with Morgan. Tipsy Girl is a complete rip off of her brand Skinnygirl. The brand she built from the ground up with hard work and no real mentor. The only thanks she got from Morgan for being a mentor and trying to help her get back on her feet was a stab in the back. More than that, she handled the conversation with Morgan with a lot of class. She could have gone for the cheap shots against Morgan, but she kept it professional.

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She even genuinely wished Morgan the best in her business. And I believe that she meant it. Probably because there’s no chance Tipsy Girl overtakes Skinnygirl in terms of sales without a distributor. But that’s beside the point.

What bothers me most about de Lesseps’ comment is how petty she is. There’s personal drama and then there’s attacking someone’s business sense. And I agree that Frankel definitely deserves some critiques in the way she handles personal arguments. But the way she handles her business matters is calm, controlled and completely fair.

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There was no need for de Lesseps to say anything, and the fact that she did made her look even worse than Morgan in this situation.


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