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Jennifer Lawrence makes getting in trouble sound like a lot of fun

At this point, everyone wants to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. She makes everything sound like fun — even, as it turns out, sitting for five hours in a “tiny, little jail” in British customs. In her recent appearance on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, the actress told the story of when she went to visit Matthew Vaughn, the director of X-Men: First Class, for the first time in London and ended up being held by customs.

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Before getting on her flight, Lawrence was told by the film’s production team, “They were like, ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell them that you’re here for work, because they’ll ask for a work visa; say you’re here for pleasure.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, my! Good God! I have to lie to a customs officer.’ So I’m working myself up so much through the line. I’m like, ‘OK, I just have to have a backstory. I have to believe it.'”

You’d think that would be easy for an actress, but it turns out, if no one is giving you the lines, it’s much more difficult.

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As she approached the customs officer, things started to go very wrong. She said, “I get there and he’s like, ‘Business or pleasure?’ ‘Pleasure.’ ‘What are you doing for pleasure?’ ‘My brother’s getting married.’ ‘Where’s your brother getting married?’ ‘Wimbledon.’ ‘Is he American?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you have an invitation?’ No.’ ‘Are you telling the truth?'” Lawrence was definitely caught in a lie and they weren’t going to let her go now. She had to confess the entire thing to the officer.

She said, “I had to sit in a tiny, little jail for like five hours while they called my employer; I felt tiny.”

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Honestly, five hours spent in a room being entertained by Lawrence sounds totally worth being reprimanded by a customs agent. Plus, you’d be a character in another one of her incredibly entertaining stories. It’s a win for everyone. Well, except for maybe Lawrence herself.

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