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Have insomnia? Michael Cera & Willow Smith’s new song will lull you to sleep

Michael Cera and Willow Smith created a new lullaby just for you. Assuming, of course, you are someone who understands spoken word poetry about outer space set to repetitive synthesizer sounds. If that’s not you, then you’re in good company. There are many of us who can’t figure out what is happening in this song or how exactly these two got together to make music.

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Smith’s interest in music is clear — her father, Will Smith, is a Grammy-winning hip-hop artist. Cera didn’t express much serious interest in music until he dropped a surprise album of “indie-folk.” He didn’t quite make the same splash as Beyoncé did with her first surprise album, but his fans gave it a warm reception. It’s what you might expect from the soft-spoken actor. But it definitely isn’t something you would expect a very philosophical Smith to find entertaining.

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But as we should all know by now, Smith loves surprising people. The song “twentyfourtyeight 2.0” was released on SoundCloud and her fans seem to love it. Her fans gave very positive feedback to the song, saying they loved it and her voice was amazing. They also were pleasantly surprised to see Cera producing the song. People outside her core audience, though, seem to be a bit confused.

There’s no doubt that Smith has creative talent and she could reach incredible success if she harnessed it in a way that people could understand. But just as her tweets are confusing to most of us, the song isn’t exactly for mainstream consumption.

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I don’t think she’s concerned with mainstream, though. And it’ll be interesting to see if the positive feedback from fans spurs a whole album from Cera and Smith or if this is just a one-time event. We will have to wait and see.

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