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I’m terrified Supernatural‘s Dean might join forces with Amara

I think it’s safe to say that Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean have quite the mess on their hands. If they weren’t already scared of Amara, they should be now. I mean, she did announce at the end of Season 11’s penultimate episode, “Welcome to the end,” which definitely doesn’t sound good.

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Wednesday’s episode, “We Happy Few,” not only showed the union of angels, demons and witches (for real), but also proved that Amara is more powerful than God. After God and Lucifer found some common ground (and all thanks to Sam and Dean acting like counselors to the father and son), they formulated a plan to take down Amara with help from the Winchesters.

Their plan? Seeing as most of the archangels who originally helped lock Amara away are out of commission, they decided their best bet was to join the forces of God, Casifer, Dean, Sam, Crowley, Rowena, several other witches, angels and demons. Never did I think I’d see the day when all these groups would be uniting for a common cause.

God made it clear to Sam and Dean that Amara can’t be killed, but she has to be locked away, again. Basically, there can’t be darkness without light and vice versa. If one or the other is destroyed, well, it isn’t good. Even though Dean was having a hard time getting on board with the fact that there needs to be balance in the universe (and mainly because he wants God to kill Amara, since he’s worried about the connection they share), he ended up agreeing to the plan.

So, here’s how the plan went down — unsuccessfully, I might add. Rowena lured Amara to God, where then the angels and demons attacked her. After getting pretty beat up, Lucifer then stabbed her and then she and God exchanged their typical banter and God even apologized for everything. However, that didn’t stop him from trying to move the Mark from her to Sam, so he could then trap Amara in the box. That’s right, Sam decided it was best for him to have the Mark rather than Dean because, well, Dean is somewhat fond of Amara. Technically, Dean did tell Sam that he’d have to be the one to destroy Amara, since he knows he can’t do it himself.

Dean Winchester
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Before the Mark could fully transfer to Sam’s arm, Amara fought back and proved that not even God can make her powerless. Channeling her powers, she took down God. No, she didn’t kill him, but he is in a dying state. Amara promised Dean and Sam that before her brother can wilt and wither away, he will watch her turn the world to ash.

What. A. Mess. I don’t know how the Season 11 finale will turn out, but I do know that Sam had better keep his eye on Dean. I hate to say it, but I’m more worried about Dean right now than I am Amara. He is weak around her and that is a major problem. He was even squirming uncomfortably when God tried to remove the Mark. Yeah, that’s not a good sign. I hope he doesn’t end up joining forces with her or try to protect her if or when they figure out a way to lock her up.

That said, I’m going to try and continue to have faith in Dean because he usually ends up doing the right thing. I think he’ll find a way to ignore his feelings for Amara long enough to trap her in the box. As God told Dean, maybe the reason he couldn’t previously kill Amara was because he didn’t want it to work. Hmm… maybe Dean does need to want Amara gone for good for it to work?

Who knows, but Dean, you had better channel your inner strength and fight like you always have to protect the greater good.

Supernatural‘s Season 11 finale airs Wednesday, May 25 at 9/8c on The CW.

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