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Joe Jackson hospitalized and possibly on his deathbed

Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has been hospitalized, and one insider said he is in very bad shape — so bad that there’s a good possibility the end could be near.

A source said Joe was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering from a high fever at a doctor’s appointment, and the insider said it’s so bad that he might not survive the day.

“Joe was rushed to a nearby hospital and he is not expected to make it,” the source told Radar Online.

“The Jackson clan is just beyond upset but they are all coming together to be there for him. No one expected him to last this long. Joe will most likely be dead today. He is in real bad shape.”

However, while Jermaine Jackson confirmed to TMZ photographers over the weekend that Joe was hospitalized, he denied his father is on his deathbed.

“My father is doing much better,” he said. “He’s 87,” Jeremiah said. “Listen, my father’s very strong. He’s up there telling jokes, and he’s very strong. He’s doing fine.

“We’re just making sure to hold on to him as long as we can,” he continued. “That’s what’s most important.”

Joe suffered a massive stroke last summer and has required 24/7 care ever since.

The father of the now-iconic Jackson clan is a highly controversial figure. Michael Jackson accused his father of a brutal regimen of child abuse designed to keep him and his brothers performing adequately, including beatings when he or his brothers missed a note or a dance step. Michael’s sister Rebbie Jackson claimed Joe touched her inappropriately.

Joe later admitted to the abuse during an appearance on Oprah, saying, “I don’t [regret the beatings]. It kept them out of jail and kept them right.”

But Michael got the last laugh: he completely cut Joe out of his will, keeping him far from the huge fortune Paris, Prince and Blanket have inherited, and in Joe’s own words, the rest of his family has nothing to do with him.

“When I suffered four strokes last year and was in the hospital recovering, only two people in my family traveled all the way to see me,” he wrote on his website at the time. “My granddaughter Brandi [Jackie Jackson’s daughter] and my baby girl, ­Janet.”

The fact that he named those two family members in particular is very interesting, as it is rumored Brandi is actually Janet’s secret love child from a hush-hush teenage pregnancy and was later adopted by Jackie.

We’ll keep you updated if Joe takes a turn for the worse.

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