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Kim Zolciak has gifted us all a pic of Kroy in a teeny, tiny, yellow Speedo

Hey, boy, heyyy.

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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are on yet another tropical vacation (what is that, like, their fourth one this year?), and we have to say, the view this time is simply spectacular.

Islands, palm trees, clear blue water, blah blah blah.

What we’re actually talking about is the sneaky Snapchat pic Zolciak took of her NFL star hubby in a teeny, tiny, yellow Speedo.

Zolciak captioned the pic “Shh! He’d kill me,” when she posted it to social media, and we’re glad she took the risk because just look at those abs. Damn, Kroy.

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This particular tropical beach vacay appears to be in celebration of Zolciak’s 38th birthday, which is on Thursday. But her social media has been full of family photos from the many other beach getaways they’ve been on this year, including trips to Turks and Caicos and Florida.

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Zolciak hasn’t shared the exact location of where she and Biermann are partying this time, which is probably good, because we’d feel obligated to go check out that view for ourselves.

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