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Todd Chrisley’s new business venture confirms that you should never work with family

Todd Chrisley really does try his best to make things work in his family. Whether it’s family dinners or a new family business, he genuinely wants to make sure his children are set up for success. Despite it all, though, they just seem to want to give him a massive headache in return. When the family started a juice bar together in the recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best, I really thought it might be the end of Todd.

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As was expected, Chase, Todd’s oldest son, didn’t take any of it seriously. He wants to jump right to CEO and not waste his time working as a regular employee. And really, with parents as wealthy as his, you really can’t expect anything less from him. Savannah, the youngest daughter, and wife Julie both brought their own set of frustrations, but Todd doesn’t always get upset with them.

What I learned most from the family’s attempt at running a juice bar together is you definitely shouldn’t ever do business with family. All those days when you have co-workers who annoy you just by the way they use their keyboard, you have to go home and deal with them all over again. You never escape from their frustrating habits. And as the Chrisley’s proved, it’s almost impossible to separate family structure from business structure.

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At one point while the family was at home standing around in the kitchen, Todd expressed his disappointment in Chase’s performance at work. He said, “This isn’t your daddy talking, this is your boss talking.”

It was exactly that moment that I confirmed I will never work under my parents. It’s hard enough trying to obey their wishes as an adult, but if they pull rank in every aspect of your life, work and home, it would be nearly impossible to ever get to say your piece. That is definitely not the life for me!

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Because Todd is such a successful and determined business man, the Chrisley juice bar is more than likely going to be a wild success. What isn’t as clear is just how long his children will last as his only two employees.

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