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Miley Cyrus and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest run-in was just weird

Running into an ex’s parents is always a little uncomfortable, but it’s even more so when your ex-boyfriend’s dad insists on making it awkward. Miley Cyrus experienced this in front of everyone when she ran into ex Patrick Schwarzenegger’s dad Arnold at the NBCUniversal upfronts.

Arnold posted the run-in with Cyrus to Snapchat, saying, “I’m here with a great, great entertainer. One of the greatest in the world.” If he had stopped there, everything would have been fine, but then he went on to tell his followers, “Eat your heart out!”

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My real question is, why? In what world is it OK to tell your followers to eat their hearts out when you’re taking a selfie video with your son’s ex-girlfriend? Who, by the way, is at least 40 years younger than you.

Cyrus didn’t act offended in the video, probably because that would have just added to the already very weird situation, but it’s definitely still worth pointing out that Arnold crossed the line from friendly into creepy.

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Patrick and Cyrus only dated for five months, but they split pretty amicably, which may be why Arnold felt comfortable fooling around with her. It’s also no secret that Patrick and Cyrus won’t be rekindling any relationship, as she is back together with longtime love Liam Hemsworth. Hemsworth and Cyrus got back together last year and she has been wearing her engagement ring again. Insiders say that the couple is planning for a summer wedding.

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Cyrus’ relationship status aside, Arnold should know better than to make vaguely suggestive comments about the young singer. He was a politician after all. The problem is he doesn’t seem to learn correct behavior without making these kinds of mistakes (like cheating and making inappropriate remarks). It would be much better for everyone if he could figure this out without making all of us uncomfortable.

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