Dance Moms is way better without the moms

Lifetime’s top reality show may be called Dance Moms, but it would be so much better if those pesky moms would just get out of the way and let their kids take center stage. The girls are crazy talented, and while we do get to see them perform every week, we rarely get the level of insight into their unique personalities that we did during tonight’s reunion.

Dance Moms girls
Image: Lifetime

The first and second halves of the Season 6 reunion were like night and day. Last week, it was all about the drama, for while the moms did take a brief moment at the end of the episode to support the departing Melissa Gisoni, they mainly bickered with each other and, of course, with Abby Lee Miller. The girls, on the other hand, were all giggles during tonight’s follow-up to the standard reunion. They chatted about everything from their future aspirations to their biggest gripes with their teacher, and while there was the occasional slight (such as Mackenzie Ziegler reminding her sister to keep her hands to herself), the show was, all in all, far cheerier than it has been in months.

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Throughout the entirety of the reunion, it was obvious that the girls have a very close bond, which, despite Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s departure, will be very difficult to break. Everybody was genuinely sad to see two of the show’s original girls go, despite the fact that their exit provides an excellent opportunity for somebody else to step in as the new star of the ALDC. Yes, the girls joked that they finally have a chance of making it to the top of the pyramid, but all things equal, they’d rather keep their teammates around.

Dance Moms fans
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All this season, Dance Moms has been making a greater effort to show us the girls’ personalities away from their teacher and their mothers, and this change hasn’t gone unnoticed. The girls are growing up before our eyes, and as Nia Frazier admitted, they have more of a voice than ever. I would love to see even more of their journey next season, because I find it far more fascinating than the moms’ constant griping.

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What did you think of the Dance Moms reunion? Would you like more of the emphasis to be on the dancers in the future? Comment and share your opinion below.


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