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The Voice‘s Instant Save wasn’t even a little bit of a competition

Believe it or not, Season 10 of The Voice is rapidly drawing to a close! The final four contestants have been revealed and they are Alisan Porter, Hannah Huston, Adam Wakefield and Laith Al-Saadi. The first three of these finalists received the exciting news pretty quickly, but Al-Saadi was forced to duke it out with the very talented Bryan Bautista and Mary Sarah.

The Voice Instant Save
Image: NBC

With half of the Top 8 ousted in one fell swoop, tonight’s episode of The Voice was bound to be painful. As of yesterday evening, pretty much everybody agreed that they didn’t want so many people to go home at once. However, viewers are more willing to see certain contestants let go than others, as evidenced by tonight’s landslide Instant Save. Bautista and Sarah never even had a chance.

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When the contestants in danger were announced. I had no idea who would prove most popular, although I did suspect that Laith Al-Saadi’s fans would come through once again. However, I grossly underestimated just how enthusiastic his supporters would be. Clearly desperate to keep him around for another week, they showed up in droves on Twitter, all pleading for him to return. Their efforts were tracked in the standard bar graph while the show went to commercial, and from the beginning, Laith Al-Saadi was way ahead. This stood in stark contrast to several of this season’s earlier Instant Saves, which were much closer.

Laith on The Voice
Image: NBC

Because of the bar graph, there really was no suspense. When Bautista and Sarah’s departures were announced, I was sad, but not surprised. The two ousted competitors didn’t seem all that surprised either.

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A few viewers were upset about the Instant Save results (with some even claiming that it was all rigged to ensure that each coach would be represented during the finale), but most were thrilled on Al-Saadi’s behalf.

I am sad that so many great contestants had to go home at once, but I’m also super excited for next week. I think that Al-Saadi will add a lot to the finale, as will his fellow finalists. Here’s to a great end of Season 10!

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Are you looking forward to next week’s finale? Does Laith Al-Saadi deserve to move on with the rest of the Top 4? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

the voice contestants who shouldve won slideshow
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