What the heck are Michelle Money and Cody Sattler doing on Marriage Boot Camp?

Jun 3, 2016 at 7:38 p.m. ET
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Another season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is upon us, complete with a new cast of celebrity couples whose relationships are dangling by a thread. For Season 5, the folks being put through the wringer by Jim and Elizabeth are Tara Reid and Dean May, Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon, Toya and Memphitz Wright, Lisa D'Amato and husband Adam, and Michelle Money and Cody Sattler from Bachelor in Paradise.

A look back at the previous couples who have graced the MBC mansion will reveal that you don't have to actually be married to participate on the show; you just have to be at a crossroads in your current relationship. And perhaps no other couple this season exemplifies that space more than Money and Sattler, who, according to various news sources, might not even be dating anymore and are just posing as a couple to get on the show.

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Money and Sattler are the first couple to arrive at the house in the season premiere and they present their issues immediately: They've been together on and off, they have trust and communication issues (cue Money pointing to Sattler). Sattler would like to get married, Money doesn't feel the same, mainly, it seems, because of his penchant for taking selfies, which she considers to be immature. Sattler's defense: He's an online personal trainer and the selfies are for the purpose of furthering his career. (Online personal trainers are a thing?) The two hope the whole Marriage Boot Camp thing doesn't ruin their relationship, while Jim and Elizabeth watch and judge from a secret room, deciding that they seem to have an immature love and are probably trying too hard. Yikes.

The question of what these two are even doing on this show gets even more relevant later in the episode when Montel Williams confronts the couples in a talk show scenario (complete with live studio audience, whose loud reaction to every statement made leads me to believe that they're getting paid by the "woo"). In a video recorded earlier, Sattler says that Money told him she didn't think he was the one, and she confirms that she did say that and that she still believes it because... selfies? Cast member Brittish Williams is equally confused: "If you know he's not the one, then why are you here?" What a great question and an intriguing way to begin this season, which may or may not be the actual end of Sattler and Money's relationship.

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Do you think Michelle and Cody are serious about repairing their relationship or are they in this just for the money and the fame? Tell us in the comments!

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