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People are still pitting Beyoncé against Destiny’s Child and it’s getting old

Beyoncé is currently touring around the country promoting her newest album, Lemonade. You may have heard about it, as it is currently in the running for album with the most shade thrown throughout it. The Grammys will probably be making up a new award just for her. Since she aired all her dirty laundry on that album, most people are on high alert for any shade she may throw in her live shows. Usually, I would be on board, but when people start trying to stir up drama between the Destiny’s Child girls, I have to draw the line.

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At a recent stop on her tour in California, Beyoncé was giving a speech thanking her fans for supporting her through her 20-year career. She wanted to say since her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, except what came out was her saying Destiny’s Child was her first solo album. Oops!

The video made its way onto Twitter and people are having a field day calling Beyoncé out for throwing shade at the band that gave her her start. I will admit, this was a very unfortunate mistake. People already give Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams so much crap for being “Beyoncé’s background singers” that Beyoncé definitely didn’t need to add any fuel to the fire. But I really think this whole thing was an innocent mistake.

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Whenever she can, Beyoncé praises her former bandmates and still considers them her best friends. She and Rowland still get together for playdates and talk like any girlfriends would. I don’t think either Rowland or Williams would have any issue with this innocent slip-up. They probably find it as funny as the rest of us do. At least those of us who aren’t out looking to cause drama in one of the best girl groups of all time.

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It’s time everyone stop pretending the three “Independent Women” singers hate each other and just accept that they have nothing but love for each other.

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