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Who knew Matt & Amy Roloff’s amicable divorce could be so heartbreaking?

Celebrity divorces tend to be very messy. There’s usually long, drawn-out asset separation, custody battles and spousal support hearings, so when we learned that Matt and Amy Roloff, stars of the TLC hit show Little People, Big World, divorced amicably, we thought it was good news. It turns out that even when everything goes smoothly, it’s still heartbreaking.

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The couple has been together more than 30 years and decided that it was best to split everything they had built together right down the middle. Together they have four companies that they now have equal ownership of; however, Amy received full ownership of her company, Living Large Enterprises, and Matt kept sole ownership of his two companies MRE Inc., and MR Speaking.

And in maybe the saddest mandate ever written in a divorce, both Matt and Amy split all of the family’s pictures and home videos evenly, with the promise that the other person would receive a copy within the year. It seems like such an obvious answer to the problem of splitting assets that have the most sentimental value, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking.

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According to the court documents, both people walked away satisfied with the agreement. The only people who may not be happy about this arrangement are the couple’s four kids. Jeremy and Zach, the oldest twins, are both married and living on their own. Their daughter Molly and son Jacob are both over 18, so there will be no child support issues now that their divorce is final, but that hardly softens the blow this family will have to endure now that it’s splitting up.

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It will be interesting to see what happens to the family’s famous farm. Jeremy and his wife have expressed interest in moving onto the farm and taking over, but there was no mention of any of that in the divorce papers. More than likely, fans will find out what happens on their reality show.

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