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Sinéad O’Connor’s explosive letter to ex-husband & son is very concerning

Less than 24 hours after she was declared safe from her missing-person scare, Sinéad O’Connor seemed to unravel in an open letter directed at her ex-husband and son on Facebook. She threatens legal action, discusses her own suicidal tendencies and calls her son evil for abandoning her during her issues with mental health.

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She directly threatens suicide and blames her family for the state of her mental health. “None of you will ever see me again because of what you’ve done,” she writes. “If I manage not to kill myself, you’ll be paying the medical costs which have been and will continue to be involved with that, since you were and remain. the chief co-ordinator of my total psychological and emotional destruction.” She uses a racial slur, writes in all capital letters in some places, and changes topics rapidly. To be an armchair psychologist: The letter is, at the very least, written by someone who needs to get help.
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On Sunday morning, O’Connor disappeared after going out for a bike ride in her Chicago suburb. A concerned friend, perhaps knowing her current mental state, reported her missing. O’Connor was found safe on Monday afternoon. There are over 2,800 reactions to her post on Facebook with words of concern, love and trolling in the comments. Celebrities are often surrounded by a large team — hair and makeup artists double as BFFs, publicists become confidantes, agents and managers are life coaches. With O’Connor on a warpath against her family, who is taking her to get help?

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