Below Deck‘s Danny Zureikat is about to get what’s coming to him

Drama has arrived full force on Below Deck Mediterranean, and while last week’s episode highlighted a growing divide between Hannah Ferrier and Bryan Kattenburg, they may not be as central to this week’s drama as expected. Instead, the bulk of the bickering will involve Danny Zureikat and Jen Riservato. The two have already been at odds about Riservato’s inability to get herself out of bed on time, but Zureikat’s latest offense is arguably worse: He made out with a guest!

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The sultry scene from the show’s recent preview began with the guests and a few crew members relaxing on the beach. This was already dangerous territory, but Zureikat took it to a new level by telling a guest that he’d love to kiss her. Despite his initial reservations, he walked her to what he foolishly thought of as a secluded area and proceeded to make out with her. His reasoning? He had butterflies, which he hasn’t experienced since high school.

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Riservato witnessed Zureikat’s make-out session, and suffice to say, she wasn’t pleased. She may not be the most professional employee at times, but she certainly knows better than to get handsy with a guest. The recently released preview did not show her immediate response to her discovery of Zureikat’s behavior, but she did later refer to his public display of affection as “unf***ing believable.” If this angry response is any indication, the PDA may lead to a showdown between the crew members.

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Danny Zureikat has already been warned about getting a little too close to the guests, but last week, his behavior seemed harmless. This time, however, he definitely crossed the line. Based on another sneak peek, this situation is definitely not going to play out in his favor. Unfortunately, his supervisor will receive much of the blame, so expect a future crackdown from first mate Bryan Kattenburg, who is determined to keep his crew in line.

It sure didn’t take long for juicy drama to arrive on Below Deck Mediterranean. I can’t wait to see what comes of the show’s latest and greatest spat.

What do you think of Danny Zureikat’s behavior? Is he unprofessional, or is he just giving the guests what they want? Comment and share your opinion below.


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