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The trailer alone shows us Mariah Carey’s reality show will be quite a treat

We’re finally getting a sneak preview of Mariah Carey’s new reality show.

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Mariah’s World premieres later this year on E!, but in the meantime, the first full promo for the show has just been released, and it’s making us even more excited to get inside Carey’s world.

The show will give fans and viewers an inside look at Carey’s glamorous lifestyle. It’s being shot as she prepares to head off on an international tour and get married to Australian billionaire James Packer. And since Carey’s reputation for being a huge diva is likely driving some of the interest in the show, the promo proves there will be no shortage of diva moments once Carey hits the small screen.

“I am not Cinderella,” Carey says in the promo. “My life has not been a fairy tale.”

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But as the words are coming out of her mouth, the clip shows a series of glamorous events, champagne and fireworks and Carey steps off her private jet in a sparkling silver ballgown.

As Carey claims in the promo that she’s “just like anybody else,” she also claims that her wedding is “the most important event that’s ever happened.”

And in probably the most diva moment of the trailer, Carey explains why she so often wears sunglasses indoors.

“I’m wearing these glasses because we’re in fluorescent lighting,” she shares, sporting a pair of oversized black shades. “I have a rule which states that I will not be seen in florescent lighting without sunglasses. I know it’s very ’90s.”

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Do you think Mariah Carey is as much of a diva as she’s portrayed to be? Do you plan to watch Mariah’s World? Let us know down in the comments.

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