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Madeleine Stowe’s home invasion sounds like something straight out of Revenge

Actress Madeleine Stowe experienced a terrifying home invasion that sounds so much worse than anything a TV writer could have thought up. TMZ has obtained a police record that states in September of 2015, the Revenge star was sleeping naked in her bed with her husband when someone broke into their house, held them at gunpoint and proceeded to rob them.

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After hearing a strange noise in the master bathroom, Stowe and her husband, Brian Benben, got up from their bed to check out what was going on. They ran into the stranger in their bathroom and he demanded that they give him all their valuables. According to Stowe’s statement, he wasn’t specific with his requests; he just wanted anything worth money. By the time he left, the intruder ended up taking about $75,000 worth of jewelry and other belongings from the couple’s home.

Talk about a true nightmare! This is exactly why I triple check all the locks in my house at night.

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Fortunately, the suspect, Walter Canizalez, was arrested and held at almost $1 million bail. He was also identified as the suspect in additional home invasions as well, which added to his bail.

As Stowe was retelling the tale, she talked about how the intruder held a gun to her neck and demanded her to give him all her valuable belongings. It sounds so insanely scary, but she didn’t look as deeply affected as you would expect. I can’t imagine how she could have held this story in for so long. Dealing with the stress of a situation that intense must have been a long, painful process.

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It’s inspiring to know that Stowe is back in positive spirits and can openly talk about her night without it stirring up some deep emotions. It shows her strength and sends a message that she is determined to make sure she doesn’t continue to live in fear. She’s definitely a hero in that way!

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