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Who cares if it’s been a year? Sherri Shepherd is still slamming her ex

Sherri Shepherd had a heartbreaking year last year between her bitter divorce from Lamar Sally and terrible custody battle. It’s no surprise that she still has some processing to do. So when she visited The Wendy Williams Show, she let some of her sorrow (and anger) show when she talked about her feelings toward the whole ordeal.

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When Wendy Williams asked Shepherd about her extensive legal custody battle, she said, “I took care of a grown man for four years. What makes you think I would not take care of his son? I would do that, that is me, you know me.”

She then went on to say about her ex-husband, “When I do decide to talk, and I will, the tabloids that paid so much money for him to do interviews are going to want their money back.”

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You can’t help but empathize with her when she says that. There are certainly two sides to every story, and there is definitely some truth to Sally’s account of the relationship, but Shepherd has gotten the short end of every stick in this mess. She hasn’t taken the opportunity to tell her truth to the public yet, which is commendable. Too often in celebrity breakups, both sides rush to the media to get their version out first. It’s a tactic that helps them win the support of the public at least, but it’s never the classiest way to go.

By taking her time, not responding emotionally and giving the truth to the media, she will move on from this without feeling guilt or remorse. In the meantime, it’s important to support her and let her process, heal and talk about the pain of what happened. As she explained to Williams, Sally was, in her eyes, “a con artist, an extortionist and a swinger.”

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So, maybe she’s not totally on the high road, but she’s still had her child taken from her and been slammed in the media for a year. She gets to take a dig or two in my opinion.

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