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The Voice‘s upcoming massacre is unfair to the Top 8

For a show designed to cut out many of the unfair elements of reality singing competitions, The Voice can sure be, well, unfair at times. Critics have spoken out about numerous advantages that they believe certain contestants and certain coaches have, and while many disagree about these perceived advantages, they all agree that the annual bloodbath is one of the show’s gravest injustices.

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Cutting the field from eight amazing contestants to just four is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult when all of the musicians vying for those spots are amazing in their own way. Tonight was thus one of the most bittersweet evenings so far this season, for while everybody sounded great, their stellar performances simply reminded viewers that, as of this time tomorrow, half of them will be gone.

Singers on The Voice
Image: NBC

While live tweeting tonight’s episode, several fans made their displeasure regarding tomorrow’s elimination known. Most viewers were also in rare agreement regarding the quality of the evening’s performances — they loved them all!

One of my biggest issues with the annual massacre on The Voice is that it fails to give each contestant the send-off they deserve. Under ordinary circumstances, when an amazing competitor is eliminated, viewers are given the chance to focus on that person and all of their accomplishments, if only for a brief moment. It’s hard to offer this special send-off when four people go home at once. Unceremonious send-offs weren’t as big of a deal during the Battles, but now, we’ve grown to love the wonderful singers we watch each week.

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Viewers complain every season, and yet, every season it’s the same: The Voice gets rid of way too many contestants in one fell swoop, just as we’re getting attached. I understand that you can only fit so many eliminations in one short season, but why not have a couple of two-contestant eliminations earlier on, instead of four in one week?

Duet on The Voice
Image: NBC

No matter who goes home, tomorrow’s episode is going to be difficult to watch. Here’s hoping that all eight contestants recognize the value they’ve added to this competition — and that all are able to land the rewarding careers they deserve!

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Who are you hoping to see in the Top 4? Comment and share your opinion below.

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