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Come on, Brandi Glanville’s stepmom tweet to LeAnn Rimes is innocent — right?

Brandi Glanville caused a very heated debate on Twitter today over a seemingly innocent, borderline nice tweet to LeAnn Rimes. But fans know Glanville better than to think she has turned the corner and is all a sudden a fan of Rimes.

In the tweet, Glanville explains that, “Jake just told me its step moms day! So happy step moms day LeAnn Rimes. I didnt know or I would told u at soccer-thanks for luv n my boys!” 

It’s actually really sweet, right?

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Rimes was quick to reply to Glanville, tweeting, “Thx. I love them with all my heart.”

The entire exchange had some fans feeling like they were in the twilight zone. These two women have historically never been able to get along. Are they finally burying the hatchet? Not really. A huge majority of people believe that this was just another passive-aggressive dig from Glanville to Rimes that was meant to send a message that Rimes will always be a stepmom and never replace her.

That sounds a lot more like the Glanville we’ve come to know. She’s never been shy about her ill feelings toward Rimes and her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian or her problems with Rimes being so public about the children Glanville and Cibrian share.

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Whether or not Glanville meant it as shade, Rimes defused the tension pretty spectacularly by acknowledging the tweet and confirming that she does love the children very much. It brought the whole thing, which could have turned catty in an instant, back to what’s really important — that these kids do love both their parents and their stepmom and there’s no need to constantly be throwing shade.

And although he may be a cheater, Cibrian could also be the smartest one in all of this because he’s learned to mostly just stay quiet. That may be the biggest lesson for everyone here to take to heart.

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What do you think? Did Brandi have good intentions or was this just a fight waiting to happen?

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