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Excuse me, but is that a diamond ring on Gwen Stefani’s wedding finger?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton just can’t stay out of the rumor mill these days. Since the two have been making the rounds on TV singing their duet, many have started speculating if the two are thinking about marriage. Stefani recently performed at Wango Tango and added gasoline to the fire by wearing a huge diamond ring on her ring finger.

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It isn’t clear whether or not the ring was in fact an engagement ring, because the star also wore multiple bracelets and rings on both hands. It could have been an accessory that fit best on her ring finger or it could have been much more.

Either way, The Voice couple isn’t commenting on whether or not any of the rumors are true, but they don’t seem to mind it either. Stefani has been around long enough to know that if she is going to wear a ring on that finger, people are going to talk. So she’s reaping the benefits of all of it in album sales and promotion.

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Both she and Shelton have been recently divorced, so it is a little surprising that they’re so quickly jumping into a new engagement, if the rumors are true. Although they both have discussed the fact that they immediately bonded over experiencing the same troubles in their previous marriages, jumping into a new marriage still seems ridiculously quick.

Especially because there are children involved on Stefani’s side. It isn’t always the best idea to rush children into accepting a new man in their lives so quickly after a divorce.

On the other hand, Stefani is 46 and Shelton is 39. They certainly are adult enough to know what they want much quicker than someone in their early twenties.

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If the two are smart, and they definitely are, they won’t reveal the significance of the ring until after Shelton’s promotional tour for his album is done. Any rumor, whether it is true or false, will have a positive effect on his album sales.

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