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Tyga is trying to be the new Kanye West, but it isn’t going to happen

Last week, Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, who I will reluctantly refer to by name as Tyga, had everything: a permanent guarantee that he would be in the tabloids, a barely legal girlfriend and the blessing of Kris Jenner. This week, all he has is a capsule collection of hoodies and T-shirts for Marcelo Burlon at Saks Fifth Avenue. The clothes range from $188 for a simple black tank top to $1,802 for a jacket. Sound familiar?

Between Kanye West’s recently debuted Yeezy Season 3 and his supposed $1 million sales of The Life of Pablo merch, Tyga clearly drew inspiration from his almost-brother-in-law for his streetwear brand.

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In an interview with Refinery29, Tyga did the one thing that could make him seem more like Kanye West: openly bragged about the prohibitive pricing of the new line. When asked about the clothing cost, Tyga replied, “It’s an art, you know? You’re selling the dream. And it’s like, ‘What is someone willing to pay for this art?’ I justify the price with what I feel my worth is. It’s like, ‘Yo, do you love me that much? Do you understand my art that much that you’re willing to pay?'” Do we?

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I can think of a few things I’d pay $550 to own. A car payment. A half a month’s rent. A lock of Zayn Malik’s hair. A hoodie by Tyga… well, let’s just wait until that one goes on sale.

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