Amber Portwood reveals a bold new look on her birthday

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood celebrated her birthday this weekend, and she debuted a whole new look to go along with her new year. She posted a selfie to social media showing lighter hair, contoured cheeks, bold lips and she even ditched her trademark glasses. There’s nothing like a makeover to kick-start your birthday, and Portwood seems to feel as good as she looks.

She added the caption “Love you guys..thanks for all the kind words.”

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Love you guys..thanks for all the kind words💖

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As Us Weekly points out, this is the latest in a transformation that has also included a 30-pound weight loss for Portwood. She’s documented her lifestyle shift on Twitter and wrote about it in her book, Never Too Late.

Her diet shift includes everyday changes like “cut[ting] out bad carbs like sugar and cut down on pasta to start … also try to not eat trans fats,” as Portwood wrote on Twitter.

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She did indulge in some birthday fun this weekend. She shared a photo of her birthday festivities, a relaxing backyard party, on Twitter. The party clearly did her birthday justice. “This is it half way cleaned up!” she wrote.

If Instagram is any indication, it doesn’t look like any of her fellow Teen Mom co-stars were at the party… but we can still hope MTV producers filmed it for next season.

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