Sorry, Tom Cruise, but we know The Arrangement is totally about you

Imagine a world where a super hot, very famous movie star wants you to be his wife — and that agreeing to the marriage also comes with a $10 million dollar bonus. That’s the very premise of the scripted E! show The Arrangement, but it could also be based on allegedly real events. The Arrangement dropped a very juicy trailer on Monday, and it’s causing some serious speculation. Could The Arrangement be about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage?

The new series is about a fictional movie star named Kyle West who romances aspiring actress Megan Morrison, a seemingly wholesome wannabe starlet who wows him in an audition. After spending some time together, Megan’s agent drops the bomb: Kyle wants to marry Megan, and will pay her mega money if she does. It’s hardly a fairy-tale romance, of course, because Kyle also happens to be involved in the Institute of the Higher Mind — which, according to Megan’s friends, makes him “weird and cult-y.”

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“Weird and cult-y” are also words that could describe Cruise’s real-life relationship to Scientology, an extremely controversial “religion” that was recently the subject of the very scary HBO documentary Going Clear, which alleges that the group doesn’t just hold bizarre beliefs, but is, in fact, quite dangerous. One big rumor circulating around the time of Holmes and Cruise’s whirlwind romance was that Holmes was hired to “play” Cruise’s wife — something that the New York Post reported would earn Holmes a reported $3 million each year she stayed with Cruise. And stay she did — before reportedly blindsiding him by slapping him with divorce papers after five and a half years of marriage.

Could The Arrangement really be based on the Holmes/Cruise relationship? In a word: definitely. Though it’s unclear how many liberties the new series will take with this story, it’s hard not to draw parallels from Kyle’s onscreen BFF Terence, the leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, and David Miscavige, Cruise’s own best bud and the leader of the Church of Scientology. Sorry, Cruise, but there’s no way that The Arrangement wasn’t looking at your life and thinking, “Damn, this would make one hell of a mystery drama.”

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The biggest difference between this show and the real-life scenario? It seems that the fictional Megan may hold more secrets than Holmes herself. Though Kyle and his cult may be what we’re terrified of in this new series, Megan may be the one who ultimately surprises us with her secret past. I’m going to assume it’s darker than a leading role on Dawson’s Creek.

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