If a Liar had to die on Pretty Little Liars, who would be killed off first?

May 16, 2016 at 3:05 p.m. ET
Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform

Pretty Little Liars fans are anxiously awaiting Season 7 of the Freeform mystery-drama, and also anxiously awaiting the answer to a very important question: Is Hanna OK? The last time we saw her, she was being dragged across the bell tower floor, unconscious — seemingly by the mysterious person known as A.D., aka our new and baddest Big Bad. The new PLL trailer for Season 7 hints that Hanna might not make it out of this ordeal alive, but, come on — we know she's ultimately going to be totally fine. A horrific death for one of its four main characters just doesn't seem to be in PLL's wheelhouse, but that doesn't stop us from thinking some bad thoughts... like, well, what if it were? Which Liar would be most likely to go first?

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Yep, these thoughts are pretty bleak, but we can blame Pretty Little Liars itself for suggesting the possibility that one of the core four could go. So who would bite the bullet if the show wanted to go all Game of Thrones on us? Here's a ranking of the Liars, from least to most likely to die by A's hand.


Hanna certainly has been through the ringer when it comes to A — not just the latest iteration, but all three varieties. Mona was Hanna's legit friend and still tried to mow her down with a car, while Charlotte threw both Hanna and her mother in jail. Though Hanna has seriously suffered under A, she has always come out on the other side stronger and smarter — in fact, she's one of the few Liars who hasn't really been broken by A. There's a reason that Hanna was the one who decided to make herself A.D.'s bait — it's because she's a survivor. There's no way that she would die.


Fans still suspect Aria of being A, mostly because she's always seemed the least harmed by A's antics. Aria's definitely a fighter, but most of what any member of the A Team has done to her has been far more damaging emotionally than physically. Still, the new A did try to barbecue Aria at Hanna's bridal shower, so there's a chance that Aria could potentially be on the chopping block this time around.

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Poor Em. She's quite possibly suffered the most out of all of the Liars, both because of A's antics and otherwise. She was almost sawed in half thanks to Charlotte's "magic trick," was nearly asphyxiated in a barn and was very close to being run over by a car in her own living room. All of the As seem to have had it in for Emily, possibly because she was always Alison's favorite. That doesn't bode well for her survival should the show decide to ax one Liar.

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OK, hear me out. Spencer may be the savviest of all of the Liars, and the one most likely to come up with a brilliant plan to thwart A, but it's also those factors that make her the most likely to die. Think about it: if Spencer is the de facto leader of the group, she's also the one that A would want to take down the most. A could use Spencer's desire to fight for her friends against her, and quite possibly cause Spencer to risk everything to protect the people that she loves. Spencer is most likely to die first not because she's weak, but because she's strong enough to make a sacrifice if needed. Let's just hope it never comes to that.

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