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The new PLL trailer is lying to us — there’s no way Hanna is dead

If there’s one show that knows how to make a seriously cryptic trailer, it’s Pretty Little Liars. The Freeform series is back for its seventh (and most likely final) season, and Season 7 of PLL is putting the Liars in more danger than ever. Freeform just dropped a brand-new PLL trailer for the upcoming season, which will premiere on June 21, and it’s totally shocking — and, hopefully, very misleading. There’s no way that Hanna was really killed by Uber A in the new season, but the trailer is trying very hard to make it look like she’s a total goner.

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This is the second look we’ve gotten at Pretty Little Liars Season 7, and it’s painting a very scary portrait for Hanna. The video opens with the Liars, their love interests Caleb, Toby and Ezra, and Mona searching desperately for Hanna, who, at the end of Season 6 was kidnapped by a very stealthy person known as A.D. In the trailer, Mona drops the bomb that A.D. has given the group a mere 24 hours to hunt down Hanna. A.D. then seemingly texts the group a major clue that Hanna is in the bell tower of Rosewood’s infamous church: “The bell tolls for Hanna.” Unfortunately, when the gang arrives at bell tower, they find a horrible sight — one that seemingly suggests Hanna is no longer of this world. Could Hanna be the woman hanging from the ropes in the bell tower?

Though the trailer is making us think that Hanna could be the murder victim very literally “hanging out” in the bell tower, I would place serious cash on Hanna being alive and well in Season 7. We don’t see the face of the woman in the bell tower, so it’s totally possible that the body could be anyone — blonde or not. Clearly, A.D. wants to freak the Liars out, and throwing a blonde wig on any ol’ body would be the perfect way to do it. Perhaps A.D. really did off someone disposable, like Sara Harvey, dressed her up like Hanna, and watched the Liars freak the eff out about it.

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Then there’s the possibility that it is Hanna’s body, but that she’s still very much alive. Remember what happened when Spencer and Ian had their showdown in the bell tower? Ian also ended up against the ropes, but was able to get himself down and escape. Maybe Hanna is merely unconscious, and it will be up to the Liars to cut her down from A.D.’s trap.

Truth is, there’s just no way for this show to work without the four core Liars all being alive and well — that’s a dark turn that I don’t think the show would take so late in the game. Fortunately, that should make fans rest easy. Though Hanna’s clearly in serious trouble, she probably won’t be knocking on death’s door before the season is out. You can’t fool us, PLL trailer.

Do you think Hanna will die when PLL returns? Sound off in the comments.

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