Now that Nashville‘s over, will Jonathan Jackson return to General Hospital?

Could last week’s bad news for Nashville fans be good news for General Hospital fans? It was disappointing to hear that after four seasons, ABC canceled the primetime show. However, it’s a great opportunity for cast member Jonathan Jackson to return to his role as Lucky Spencer on GH.

He left the ABC soap in 2012 to play the role of the bad-boy musician, Avery Barkley, on Nashville. His story line on GH was left wide open for a possible return, and the role was not recast in his absence.

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In fact, the 32-year-old actor left the show on great terms with the producers.

“There certainly wasn’t anything negative or contentious about the way it happened. I have a really good relationship with everyone at the show,” he told TV Guide in November 2011. “I don’t think my dilemma completely fell on deaf ears. I think there were logistics that made it difficult for them to keep me around if I wasn’t in a big story.”

The producers believed that Lucky Spencer is a central character, so they couldn’t make a smaller story line work for the show. That’s why we think Jackson and ABC should consider working his character back to Port Charles since he now has the time.

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Fans last saw Jackson on the show for a brief appearance in July 2015 when Anthony Geary retired from playing Luke Spencer. Could his character return to GH as a way to reconnect with mother, Laura Spencer? Or how about revisiting his roots as a super couple with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)?

Either story line or a combination of the two could bring GH back to its sentimental roots with longtime viewers. We also know Jackson has the acting jobs to dive into emotional story lines created for him. There’s a reason why he’s a five-time Daytime Emmy winner.

There is one catch though.

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Several days after the announcement of Nashvilles cancellation, rumors started to appear online that the show’s producers are shipping the primetime show to other networks. If the drama continues on cable or a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix, it may limit Jackson’s opportunity to revisit Lucky Spencer.

Do you think Jonathan Jackson should return to General Hospital?


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