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Castle has finally come to an end, but Nathan Fillion may be OK with that

By now you’ve probably heard that after eight seasons, ABC’s Castle has been canceled, but Nathan Fillion, also known as Richard Castle, wants fans to remember something very important: “All things must end.”

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Taking to Twitter on Friday, Fillion shared his thoughts about the show coming to an end, and he thanked both the cast and the fans for making the experience so memorable.

Fans have reacted to the message with great sadness, but they’ve also reminded us that the show probably wouldn’t have been the same without Stana Katic (who plays Kate Beckett) anyway.

The fate of Castle was undecided up until last week; while fans already knew their favorite lead actress would not be returning for a ninth season, it was believed that Fillion would continue in his role after rumors that he and Seamus Dever had renewed their contracts started circling around the internet.

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Fans may have got what they wanted (no show without Beckett) but will they get the ending they want? The finale airs on Monday, May 16, and we’re curious to know just how the writers and producers have decided to end the show.

Do you have any theories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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