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Quantico is so ridiculous, I was actually rooting for the terrorist

Quantico has finally given us an answer to the show’s central question: “Who bombed Grand Central Station?” but the season was so full of drama, I was kind of hoping the bad guy would get away with it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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First, let’s talk about how melodramatic the season finale was! The agents on Quantico are constantly letting their emotions get in the way, but tonight’s episode saw them all emoting together over the death of Simon. It should have been a somber and emotional moment, but instead I was rolling my eyes.

Which is when I realized that I stopped caring about these characters a long time ago.

I don’t care if Parrish and Booth break up again, because I know they’ll get back together. And then break up. And then get back together… again and again and again. Ditto for Shelby and Caleb.

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And I can’t ignore the absurd fact that the only agents who seem to be working the terrorist case are Parrish’s co-grads. Where are the seasoned agents? A nuclear bomb is loose in the U.S. and the only people responsible for tracking down the terrorist are agents with less than a year of experience under their belts? Come on!

So when Liam explained that the reason he wanted to blow up Quantico was to force the FBI to start out fresh and get rid of all the corruption in the Bureau, I was like “Yeah… OK.”

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Except, Liam planned this incredibly intricate terrorist plot on his own, only to completely screw it up at the last minute. I mean, didn’t he think hauling Miranda around with him was a bad idea? Why did he leave the bomb just lying in the middle of a floor on the campus? And with only two minutes left on the timer, did he not plan on getting clear of the blast?

Of course, only Parrish’s peers were able to help her track him down and stop him— even though half of them weren’t even agents anymore — and this made for a saccharine send-off for Simon as he nobly sacrificed himself for the greater good.

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Only, instead of crying along with the cast, I found myself wondering why Simon didn’t just jump out of the car before it plunged into the river.


In any case, the show has come to a satisfying conclusion just in time for it to change gears for the fall. The terrorist is dead, Shelby is making eyes at Caleb again, and Parrish has been dismissed from the Bureau just in time to get recruited by the CIA.

I’m sure she’ll use her new position at that agency to root out more corruption, starting with Caleb’s mother, the Vice President of the United States. Only, I don’t know if I care enough to tune in next fall to find out.

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