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Kody Brown has no right to suggest his wife’s clinginess is a bad thing

Kody Brown seems positively clueless as to why first wife, Meri Brown, might have been “clingy” (as he put it) when he first married second wife, Janelle. On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, as Meri and Janelle make efforts to mend their strained relationship, a lot of the past was shared, making me realize just how miserable Meri must have been for the past 25 years.

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Even though Meri was raised in a plural family and expected her husband, Kody, to take more than one wife, she thought of Kody as her best friend and felt very alone when he started dating Janelle and eventually married her. She said that before Janelle, she and Kody had never spent time apart, and so when Janelle and Kody left for their honeymoon, that was the first time she had been alone. As Meri told the camera about the early years, I realized why she and Janelle didn’t get along and why she lashed out at Janelle.

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Meri also shared about being Janelle’s friend prior to becoming her sister wife. Before Janelle and Kody became involved, she had been married to Meri’s brother. And while the marriage didn’t last a full year, Janelle remained close to Meri’s family. Poor Meri probably thought that Janelle would be an easier sister wife to have than a perfect stranger, and I am certain the reality of the situation was much more lonely than Meri had expected. Judging by Kody’s complaints about Meri’s jealousy issues, he wasn’t any help, either.

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During the interview segment featuring Christine and Robyn, Christine, shared that she joined the family not long after Janelle had, and acted as a mediator between the first two wives. Christine tried to keep the peace and balance out the family, but I think that was more Kody’s job than hers. Of course, Kody does not seem to have learned anything from the first 25 years of marriage, because he continued to complain about Meri. I hope that Meri and Janelle are able to mend their relationship, because it is clear that the wives are more invested in forging successful relationships with each other than Kody is with them.

Do you think Kody is still just clueless about Meri’s feelings?

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