OUAT‘s finale introduced new characters that won’t really matter in Season 6

Warning: Major spoilers below from Once Upon a Time‘s Season 5 finale. Read at your own risk.

The Once Upon a Time Season 5 finale just introduced a slew of possibilities for Season 6, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. During Sunday’s two-hour finale, not only were Hank Harris and Sam Witwer’s mysterious character identities finally revealed (they are none other than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), but a huge story line surrounding Regina and the Evil Queen came to fruition. You know what that means? At least part of Season 6 is going to feature a ton of Lana Parrilla. I know, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

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After the death of Robin Hood, Regina found herself struggling with the good and evil inside her that she deals with on a daily basis. If she keeps the Evil Queen at bay, then that means more pain and suffering for her. If you think about it, no matter how good Regina tries to be, she always seems to end up getting hurt somehow. However, if she doesn’t keep her dark side at bay — well, as Regina told Snow, “That’s not an option.” She doesn’t want to hurt the ones she loves, especially Henry.

So, what can she do? Rumple even tried to convince Regina that she needs to realize that the Evil Queen is her true self and she just needs to start embracing who she is. Well, Rumple definitely didn’t convince Regina to go dark (again), but she did find a solution to choose between her good side or her evil side.

After opening a portal to transport some of Storybrooke’s residents back to their original realms, Zelena, Hook, Charming and Snow got transported to a strange land. Eventually, they learned they were in the Land of Untold Stories, which is where they also met Dr. Jekyll (Harris) and Mr. Hyde (Witwer). At first, Jekyll and Hyde were one individual and could change identities with a serum. Well, Jekyll created a serum to permanently separate himself from Hyde, making them two individuals. FYI, Zelena, Hook, Charming, Snow and Jekyll all got back to Storybrooke in one piece and Hyde remained stuck in his realm.

Seeing as Jekyll had one dose left of the serum, Snow suggested to Regina that she take it to permanently destroy the Evil Queen inside of her. Did she do it? She most certainly did, and she crushed the Evil Queen’s heart, killing her for good… or did she? Nothing is ever easy as it seems on OUAT, but more on that in a bit.

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In the final five minutes of the finale, Hyde popped up in Storybrooke thanks to a deal he made with Rumple. Yeah, these two know each other somehow. Anyway, Rumple handed over Storybrooke to Hyde in exchange for some information Hyde had on how to wake up Belle from the sleeping curse. For now, Rumple no longer is the Dark One of Storybrooke — Hyde is. Guess what? Hyde also brought along many of the people from his Land of Untold Stories because he believes they all deserve a chance to have their stories told. Can you imagine all of the new characters that can be introduced now? I can’t wait to see who will be part of next season.

Back to Regina. Even thought she now feels free without the Evil Queen, she has no idea that her dark side is now roaming New York City, where part of the finale took place, and the Dragon (Tzi Ma) was reintroduced. Actually, the Dragon told Regina, “It is imperative you win for all of us.” Did he just happen to know that the Evil Queen would come back in full force and that Regina will have to be the one to stop the war her darker half has promised to bring? It sure seems that way.

Unfortunately for the Dragon, the Evil Queen killed him and then declared, “The Queen is back.” I got legit chills upon hearing that.

As bad as all of this might be for Regina, it is also exciting. This means that at least part of Season 6 will feature a huge Regina/Evil Queen story line. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for what appears to be a worthy story line for Regina. She deserves to be front and center. Now, who knows if this means she’ll find her happy ending along the way, but I can’t wait to see what Parrilla brings to Season 6 as both Regina and the Evil Queen. It’s definitely going to be entertaining, not to mention pleasing Regina fans who want to see more from her.

With that, viewers will have to wait a few months for new episodes. Here’s a badass gif of Regina to hold you over until then.

Regina Mills
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