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Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donald Trump could be a game-changer for voters

Whether you agree or disagree with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s decision to reach out to Donald Trump in April — months after he insulted her every which way he could — the big Trump/Kelly interview, which airs this Tuesday, is the definition of must-see television. In one corner, you have a presidential candidate who implied that the professional journalist was tough on him because she was on her period, who called her a bimbo and who has continued to criticize her career. In the other corner, you have a seasoned news pundit whose contract with Fox is set to expire and who, if she plays her cards right and gives us the Trump interview of a lifetime, could score her own show on prime-time Fox, leaving her cable roots behind her.

Both Kelly and Trump have been discussing the interview this week and dropping hints about what viewers can expect. In her latest interview with Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s Tonight Show, Kelly reveals that she put aside her ego and contacted Trump twice before he agreed to finally meet her — on his turf, over at Trump Tower.

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To Kelly’s credit, she showed up without an entourage or camera crew and requested that Trump speak with her alone as well. You know, like two adults — something that seems positively foreign, considering the tone set forth in these debates thus far.

“I knew if I could get face-to-face with him, I knew he would stop,” Kelly told Fallon, referring to Trump’s insults. Interestingly, she said she didn’t bring up Trump’s tweets at the time because she didn’t want to take things to an “acrimonious” place and instead had a normal “candidate/reporter” conversation.

But never fear: Kelly had no problem bringing up the way Trump treated her in their big follow-up interview. Fallon plays a clip of the interview here:

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Trump was reportedly impressed with Kelly’s courage and spoke highly of her to People magazine this week, saying, “I have great respect for the fact that Megyn was willing to call me. Few people would have been able to do that.” In another interview clip that Kelly has released, Trump even admits that he wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Needless to say, the candidate who would have never met Kelly over at Fox (her turf) was also not about to apologize to her. In an interview with Time, Kelly made it known that wasn’t her motivation for interviewing Trump: “No. No apology was requested either.”

Who needs an apology when you’re about to become the next Oprah Winfrey?

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