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Calm down, people, The Amazing Race winners crossed the finish line fair and square

Season 28 of The Amazing Race has come to a close and the winners crowned.

Throughout the entire season, which featured social media celebrities and Insta-famous folks, favorite teams have trended on Twitter based on their cult followings and their various social media accounts.

Team Tyler and Korey has been a fan favorite from the first episode. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl had arguably the largest pre-Race fan club, and as they continued to do well episode after episode, their fan base only grew. With a total of five first-place finishes, Oakley and Kuhl were a shoo-in for first place overall.

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But in a stunning turn of events, unexpected winners were crowned king and queen of the latest season. The aptly named Dancers took home the first-place win and $1 million, shocking fans a little but mostly just pissing everyone off.

One of the most reviled teams of this season, Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina have brought out some of the worst vitriol seen in reactions to The Amazing Race.

Most of the harsh criticism has been weighed against the feisty, opinionated and quick-tempered Borriello. She’s been called a drama queen, mental, a brat and much worse. During a particularly terrible meltdown, the tweets against her were just downright uncalled for.

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So when Dana and Matt pulled through all the fighting and bickering to win it all, the ride-or-die fans of Tyler and Korey were not happy about it.

And while most people were sad that their favorite team didn’t win, they did finally concede and gave begrudging, half-hearted congratulations.

Then there were those who were happy for Steffanina but thought that fiancée Borriello didn’t deserve praise.

Excuse me while I take two minutes to roll my eyes at these people. Despite having a fiery temper and, yes, yelling at Steffanina a little bit, Dana did pull her own weight, did she not? She did her fair share during roadblocks and detours. She contributed just as much as any other team member on any other team, and she deserves just as much praise as her counterpart.

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This final episode proved that Dana and Matt can work together, that their relationship might be more than the first catfights you’ve been seeing on screen and that, fair and square, they won the last leg and the million dollars.

Borriello was undeniable in that final challenge, flying through it like it was nothing, and to deny her the congratulations she earned as much as Steffanina is downright despicable.

Congratulations to the new winners of The Amazing Race — both Dana and Matt.

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