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Kylie Jenner’s partying with the wrong person after her Tyga breakup

If you were a Kardashian having an especially bad day, who would you call? The answer is obvious: Scott Disick. The infamous party boy may not be known for his achievements as a boyfriend, father or businessman, but if you need a happy hour buddy or someone to drive you around in a fancy car until you feel better, get Disick on speed dial.

After going public with her latest breakup with Tyga — and this one is the one that’s really going to stick, you guys — Kylie Jenner was out partying with her sister’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy. Can you really blame her? I’ll tell you one person who can and will: Kourtney Kardashian.

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According to E! Online, Jenner and Disick were spotted at the Nylon and BCBGeneration’s Annual Young Hollywood May Issue Party at Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles. Jenner seemed down, according to an eyewitness.

“She usually takes a lot of Snapchats and is super bubbly and social, but she wasn’t,” said a fellow partygoer. “She kept to herself the whole time.”

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Aside from not talking to her fans on Snapchat, nothing about Jenner’s posts seems too off to us. And if they do go a little off the rails, let’s not forget that Jenner is an 18-year-old losing her first love. If I had been famous in that stage of my life, I would never have lived down the embarrassment. Kylie, you’re going to be just fine.
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