Take a drink every time Jermaine Jackson says ‘baby’ in his Janet Jackson interview

Jermaine Jackson is ready to be an uncle. In a new interview in People, he gushed about his sister Janet Jackson’s pregnancy, offering the first family confirmation that she is expecting. Big brother isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the diapers, and we have a feeling it won’t be too long until he gets a call for babysitting duty.

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Jermaine, who’s 61 years old, can’t seem to get over the fact that his sister is old enough to have a baby. “My sister Janet is my baby,” he told the mag at a gala in Los Angeles. “She is fine but she’s having a baby. A baby having a baby. We look at her like our little baby and now she’s grown and having a baby. I’m proud to be an uncle and I can’t wait to see how this baby is going to look.” He sounds like any other proud brother — so excited he can’t even quite string a sentence together.

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Jermaine elaborated on just how excited he is to pitch in around the house once the new baby is born. “But I tell her, ‘If you need any parenting skills or baby skills, let me know because I’m the best diaper changer there is on this planet, still to this day,’” he said.

“I hope she’s having a girl,” he continued. “We need more girls in the family. There are too many boys.”

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